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Lecture Series

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Not quite an Arizona native, Ken Sorensen moved here with his family as a young child. He grew up in Glendale and attended high school and junior college there.

Ken is certified to teach both history and English and, during a 30-year career in education, has taught high school in two states. He also taught junior college at both Mesa and Chandler-Gilbert Community Colleges for 12 of those years. Ken has always taught with a humanities approach believing that if we understand who people are and what their motives are, we will more likely understand what they have written.

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Vincent Van Gogh John Wayne

Galileo Galilei

Phineas Taylor (P.T.) Barnum

Will Rogers - "The Conscience of America"

The Olympics - Ancient and Modern 776 BC - 1960

MONTHLY EVENTS (Profound Events - January - December)

Madame Marie Curie

Dwight D. Eisenhower

John Adams

Eli Whitney

Stephen Foster

Ellis Island, and the Statue of Liberty

World War II - The Greatest Generation

Harriet Tubman George Washington

Abraham Lincoln

The Golden Age of Baseball

Harry Truman

Eleanor Roosevelt


Leonardo da Vinci

Generals of World War II (5 American, 4 International)

Thomas Jefferson

The Rosetta Stone & King Tut

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