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Wine & Spirit Tastings

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Our fun and friendly tasting events appeal to novices and aficionados alike, providing fascinating background and history of the people who create “poetry in a bottle.”

Our tastings are great for a variety of events including:

Holiday Parties

Remote Team Building

Networking Events


Cocktail Parties

Just for Fun

Bartending Services

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Wine Tastings

Create a unique, fun experience for you and your friends while increasing your wine knowledge. Learn the inside scoop on what makes each wine unique, as well as the behind-the-scenes stories of the winemaker and wineries themselves. A Few Suggestions for our Tastings:

Food and Wine Pairing

Wines of the World

Old Country vs. New World

Bubbles for Beginners

Many Faces of Chardonnay

Great Pinot Noir Regions of the World

Blends / Meritage

Create Your Own

Spirit Tastings

Spend a spirited evening with friends, discovering the distinctive tastes and sampling some of the world's most sophisticated blends at a private tasting for you and your guests. Learn about the distilling and aging process and how these unique spirits are crafted. Hear the entertaining histories behind the brands. A Few Suggestions for our Tastings:

Whiskey / Whisky for Beginners

Single Malt Scotches

Brown Spirits (Scotch, Irish, Canadian or American Whiskey/Bourbon, Rum, Cognac)

White Spirits (Vodka, Gin, Rum, Mezcal, Tequila)

Nostrovia (Blind Tasting of Vodkas)


Home Bartending Course

Create Your Own

The Bourbon Trail

Investigate the hottest growing spirits category in the nation. Learn about mash bills and production techniques that produce the famous brown spirits that are the envy of the world. ​ A Few Suggestions for our Tastings:

Bourbon vs. Whiskey

Rye – Canada vs. United States

High Rye? High Wheat? High Barley?

The best time ever to enjoy Bourbon!

A Taste of Scotland

Impress your clients or friends with a private scotch tasting. Tastings can be custom tailored for experience level and interests, including food and cigar pairings. A Few Suggestions for our Tastings:

Scotch for Beginners

Single Malt Scotches by Region

Single Malt vs. Blends vs. Blended Malts

Themed Tastings

Looking for something a little different? Choose a specific theme from our list below or we can customize anything to meet your needs. A Few Suggestions for our Tastings:

American Pinot Noir Throw-Down (Oregon vs. Sonoma vs. Central Coast)

Icons of Napa

Alexander Valley’s Majestic Reds

Champagne and Sparkling

Latin Night

What's Included

Our on-site or virtual wine and spirit tasting services can include:

Fun and Entertaining Tasting Demonstration by a Wine and Spirits Industry Expert

Hors D’ Oeuvres and Food Pairing Advice

Wine / Spirit Tasting Notes with Wine Rating Chart

Products to be Sampled

Wine Glasses (available to rent)

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